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HomeNewsThe Warehouse Group takes big stake in Zoom Pharmacy

The Warehouse Group takes big stake in Zoom Pharmacy


HomeNewsThe Warehouse Group takes big stake in Zoom Pharmacy

The Warehouse Group takes big stake in Zoom Pharmacy


An online pharmacy startup which says it uses state-of-the-art robotics in its pharmacy service has received a big investment from The Warehouse Group. 

The Warehouse Group (TWG) has taken a stake in Zoom Health Ltd, a four-year-old company which says it develops technologies designed to improve adherence to prescription medication.

Zoom Pharmacy is a direct-to-consumer pharmacy service designed to address the high levels of medicine non-adherence in New Zealand – particularly for the many Kiwis with poor access to primary care services. 

Zoom Pharmacy says it has DHB funding agreements which cover over 3,850,200 New Zealanders and is one of the largest independent pharmacies operating in NZ.

The company describes its pharmacy service as proactive and highly personalised and “specifically designed to improve medicine adherence rates.”

Zoom Health Ltd managing director David Taylor said The Warehouse’s investment will allow the company to expand the use of Zoom Pharmacy services to significantly more Kiwis.

“We know that around half a million New Zealanders are not currently enrolled with a GP. Many more Kiwis may be enrolled but have poor access to GP and traditional pharmacy services. The reality is that healthcare has been failing many New Zealanders for years.

“Our new partnership with The Warehouse will provide us with the opportunity to bring an advanced, affordable healthcare solution to potentially millions more Kiwis,” Taylor said, adding that additional funding will be used to improve dispensing infrastructure, software development and further investment in people.

Zoom Pharmacy offers free prescriptions, free delivery and free packing.

Michael Botur
Writer of journalism, PR/comms, fiction and scripts.


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